InterDrone 2018 it's a wrap!


InterDrone 2018, the largest international drone conference and exposition in the US is over, and we had a blast!

We hope you stopped by the Skysense booth, saw the world's fastest drone Drone Charging Pad in action, and had a chance to visit our panel.

We are excited about three new partnerships and many new collaboration opportunities aimed at unlocking the true potential of autonomous drones.

Skysense at InterDrone 2018!

Skysense Charging Infrastructure.gif

Skysense is coming to InterDrone! This year we’re exhibiting at the world leading drone exhibition to bring you the latest and greatest in drone autonomous charging technology, and offering InterDrone-only special discounts!

Come see us at booth #803 to experience the fastest Drone Charging Solution and:

  1. See Skysense fast-charging in action at its unbeatable 92% efficiency

  2. Experience the plug & play 5-minute integration with any drone

  3. Understand how charging stations are remotely monitored and controlled

  4. Get to know how enterprises use Skysense to power their industry-specific autonomous drone solutions

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Schedule some one-on-one time with Skysense at InterDrone to acquaint yourself with the fastest, most lightweight and easy to use, all-in-one solution for remote drone charging.

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We will be also speaking at InterDrone! Andrea Puiatti, Skysense CEO, was invited as one of the panelists for the session “Take Charge: Battery Life Innovations on the Horizon”:
There is never enough battery time – or at least there is always a trade-off between flight-time and payload. As larger, heavier, more powerful drones penetrate enterprise markets, the more we’re going to need power delivered efficiently. From tethered drones that offer unlimited power to the more “futuristic” Hydrogen fuel cell drone, this panel of experts will discuss what sort of solutions are on the horizon, and the pros and cons to each.

Set up a one-on-one with our team to discover the best drone charging solution on the market tailored to your project.

Avansig & Skysense - Autonomous Drone Solution for Indoor Surveillance

Skysense partners with Spanish information and communication technology developer, Avansig, to autonomously power the first indoor surveillance drone for Prosegur, a multinational security company operating worldwide, also based in Spain.

Skysense’s lightweight, fast-charging, and easy-to-use charging infrastructure eliminates the need for battery removal or manual charging every time a drone battery runs out.


Prosegur’s surveillance drone can execute its own patrol route and land itself on Skysense’s charging pad to recharge. During surveillance patrols, the drone records and streams real-time video, and sends alerts to the security central station when potential security threats or breaches are discovered.


“We realized we needed a charging partner at the beginning of the project because we want the drone to work completely unattended,” said David Trillo, CEO of Avansig. “We were in contact with other companies, but we chose Skysense because we felt that their solution was more mature. It works, it’s reliable, and it’s simple. Also, the charging time is short.”


At Skysense we welcome different opportunities for collaborations with leading companies who wants to become industry leaders and are developing fully autonomous drone solutions.

Skysense wins the Honda Pitching Challenge

Skysense wins the 1st prize at Honda Pitching Challenge in Vienna at Pioneers '18!

Skysense CEO Andrea Puiatti receiving the 1st prize

Skysense CEO Andrea Puiatti receiving the 1st prize

At Pioneers'18, Honda invited top European deep tech companies in the fields of mobility, robotics, electric devices, and vehicles to enter its contest to win international growth support.

Pioneers pitching Honda challenge.jpg

Skysense was selected to take part at the Challenge and our CEO Andrea Puiatti presented on stage. Skysense was awarded the 1st prize and invited to join the Honda tech team in Mountain View - California, to explore collaboration opportunities.

ILA Berlin 2018 - Thank you

Skysense at ILA Berlin 2018 - ILA Berlin is the worlds' most innovative trade event in aerospace where leaders from the aviation and aerospace industries meet to collaborate, create new opportunities, and talk about the future of these industries. Skysense was invited to present its' unique drone charging infrastructure at ILA.


ILA Backstage Event was an exlusive tour, before the official opening of the event, for a group of 50 reporters and Mr. Dietmar Woidke, Prime Minister of Brandenburg, Germany. 
Skysense was chosen to be the only startup company to present at ILA Backstage. 


During the event, Skysense presented its' charging technology at the ILA Future Lab, as part of Airbus Bizlab, and was among the few companies to pitch their innovative drone technology.