New Outdoor Charging Pad announced and available to order

Now available to order

Automatic Drone Charging In Outdoor Environments

Weatherproof, rugged, faster than ever.

The wait is over! After months of testing and the first successful deployments in Norway and Finland, we are proud to announce the launch of the long-awaited High Power Outdoor Charging Pad product line.

Engineered as a turnkey solution that works out of the box, Skysense Outdoor Charging Pad is made of a weatherproof inox steel landing platform and an added payload of only 61 grams. The system boasts 500W of power at a consistent 92% efficiency making it by far the fastest and most lightweight turnkey solution for automatic drone charging on the market.

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Unbreakable steel

The rugged stainless steel conductive platform has been designed to be permanently installed Outdoors, ensuring functionality in wet and harsh environments.

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Reliable as a power cord

Forget the word "efficiency". With Skysense's Proprietary Wired Charging Technology, you always charge your batteries at the maximum allowed charging rate.

Guaranteed charging time

When a drone land on a wireless charging platform, it is very difficult to predict how long is going to take to recharge since the landing accuracy heavily affects the wireless charging efficiency. Skysense's Wired Charging Technology is so reliable that we decided to walk an extra mile and decided to be the first company to guarantee charging times for your batteries!


Guaranteed charging time with batteries up to 10,000mAh

State of Charge (SoC) Time (minutes)

90% 58

95% 63

100% 73

Skysense exhibiting at the Nanjing Tech Week

Skysense at Nanjing Tech Week

Nǐ hǎo Nanjing!

During the month of June, the Skysense team was invited by TechCode at the imperial city of Nanjing in Shanghai province to exhibit at the Nanjing Tech Week.

Hosted by the Nanjing Municipal Government, the 2019 edition of the event focused on building a smarter future and promoting the principal of “innovating, sharing and winning together.”

Nanjing Tech Week brought together innovative minds to exchange groundbreaking ideas in a series of summits that formed Nanjing’s own “Davos Forum” for innovative project planning and development.

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FlytBase and Skysense Partner to Bring Low-cost Drone-in-a-box Solution to Market

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with FlytBase, bringing the first fully-automated and low-cost, drone-in-a-box solution for surveillance to the market.

FlytBase is a pioneer in intelligent drone automation and connectivity software technology. They provide state-of-the-art drone software solutions by leveraging their Internet of Drones technology platform. Businesses worldwide are using FlytBase solutions such as BVLOS remote drone connectivity over the internet and the smart precision landing module to automate & scale their drone fleet operations.

FlytBase precision landing technology enables drones to autonomously and accurately land on the Skysense Charging Pads and Skyports. Skysense infrastructure securely stores the drones and charges them to prepare for the next autonomous BVLOS mission. The connectivity over 4G/LTE/5G enables the remote drone operators to manage and control a fleet of drones and Skysense charging stations in real-time, from a distance through the cloud. Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) can see the live status of the fleet, analyze real-time video feed from the drone cameras, access device status, battery and charging data, and make use of advanced drone battery features.

Considering the scale and associated cost factor of the drone fleet operations, businesses are keen to use low-cost drones like DJI Mavic Pro, Phantom 4 Pro or the new Mavic 2 Enterprise. Keeping this in mind, Skysense and FlytBase have made their technology compatible with these off-the-shelf drones. This significantly reduces the overall upfront cost of the solution for businesses, improving RoI and facilitating scalability.

FlytBase Drone-in-a-box Solution Architecture


Andrea Puiatti, CEO, Skysense Inc. commented: “We have been patiently waiting for the market to mature while we kept improving our solution with the help of NASA and other clients. We are excited about our collaboration with FlytBase, which enables enterprises and privates to immediately benefit from affordable and scalable drone installations”.

According to Nitin Gupta, CEO, FlytBase: “The partnership with Skysense is allowing us to help our customers scale fully-automated drone deployments for various applications, ranging from remote inspections and security to emergency response and public safety. Automated drone-in-a-box solutions are going to be a key driver for this industry, as we move towards BVLOS flights.”

To learn more about FlytBase drone-in-a-box solution visit:

About FlytBase:

FlytBase is building world’s first Internet of Drones (IoD) technology and offers software solutions for easy deployment and scaling of intelligent automated drones, connected with cloud-based business applications. FlytBase is compatible with all major drones and hardware platforms. Built-in enterprise-grade security, reliability, and various deployment options make FlytBase a platform of choice for various commercial drone applications.

Internest and Skysense Announce Strategic Partnership to Strengthen Drone Inspections And Surveillance

Internest LOLAS integrated with Skysense charging platform

Internest LOLAS integrated with Skysense charging platform

We are thrilled to announce a new key partnership to ease drone operations.

Most of today’s drone operations are manually controlled by certified pilots, bearing high costs and making operations complex. Internest & Skysense joined forces in providing a fully autonomous solution to unlock the potential of remote drone operations.

The autonomous guidance solution developed by Internest is plug and play and compatible with all major autopilots on the market, enabling drones to perform a complete mission from take off to landing and charging, without the need of a pilot.

Since their inception, Internest and Skysense have been serving large OEM and key industrials companies including General Electric, experimenting integrated autonomous drone solutions.

Internest’s Lolas (Local Landing System) performed hundreds of full autonomous landings with less than 20cm error,thanks to a proprietary ultrasonic positioning tech that offers cm precision in all weather conditions.

"Customers requests lead us to combine our expertise with Skysense team. This partnership will ease drone operations" - says Internest CEO, Nicolas Sczaniecki.

“Internest developed one of the safest and most robust drone positioning systems we came across. We are honored to support their journey and keep serving enterprise clients in the security and inspection markets.” - Andrea Puiatti, Skysense CEO.

About Internest

Internest has developed safety solutions for professionals and military drones. The Lolas (Local Landing System), secure autonomous landing on fix and mobile platforms.

The solution is an embedded system providing cm accurate positioning system and autonomous flight in complex environment. Internest is based in Paris and is serving international customers (Singapore, USA, Israel, Estonia, Spain, Japan...) including leading OEMs like Airbus, Israel Aerospace Industries, Naval Group and Nexter.




Skysense presented by JEPICO at Japan Drone Show 2019


Japan Drone is the leading drone expo in the Land of The Rising Sun.

After its successful debut in 2016, Japan Drone will be held for the 4th time in March 13-15, 2019.

Throughout the first two years, participants of Japan Drone include companies that partake in various parts of drone development and manufacturing, as well as both business and private users that wish to utilize drones in the future.

The event theme for this 2019 convention is the "commercialization of drones". In addition, Japan Drone plans to have conference held by central figures of the drone industry from around the world in this exhibition.


You are welcome visiting JEPICO’s booth:

Japan Drone 2019

Date: March 13, Wednesday to March 15, Friday 2019

Place: Makuhari Messe

Booth#: F-17