The New Skysense Indoor and Outdoor Charging Pads Available Now

Drone Outdoor.png

Autonomous Drone Deployments don't make much sense today.
A human operator is always needed to manually bring the drone in the field, manually recharge the drone's batteries, manually deploy the drone and then collect it once the “autonomous” mission is completed. Wouldn’t it be amazing leaving the drone in the field and launching it from the comfort of our office?
At Skysense, we help in making autonomous drone deployments a reality.
During the past four years, our team tested and perfected our autonomous drone charging stations with numerous clients, including NASA JPL, ST Aerospace, NIH, Prosegur, Honda, and many more government entities, corporates, and startups. With their help, we managed to overcome unique challenges in the deployment of autonomous drone solutions for different environments such as security and surveillance, inspections, logistics, and more.   
As a result, the Skysense product line consists of two charging pads able to address a wide range of use cases across different markets. 

Skysense Indoor Charging Pad

Drone Indoor.png

The world's first autonomous drone charging pad since 2014 and Skysense’s flagship product. Skysense Indoor Charging Pad went through several development cycles with the purpose of delivering an easy to use and autonomous drone charging solution. Now monitored and managed via on-prem APIs. 

Skysense Outdoor Charging Pad

The most powerful drone charging station on the market since 2015. Skysense Outdoor Charging Pad got its robustness and unique design from the technology used to power public railroad transportation networks. Now monitored and managed via on-prem APIs.