Skysense Wins NASA WorldWind Europa Challenge 2016

Skysense was awarded the prize in the "business" section of the NASA WorldWind Europa Challenge 2016, offering an innovative Open Source remote control of drones, with multiple commercial applications.

Credits: Michele Purin, Photographer

Credits: Michele Purin, Photographer

Skysense Planner is web-based, runs in the cloud and allows you manage remote fleets of drones. Advanced features include Ardupilot and DJI support, ADS-B aircraft tracking, geofence management and orchestration of complex multi-agent workflows for logistics, surveillance, and industrial inspections.

Skysense Planner relies on several Open Source projects: Ardupilot, Gazebo, MAVLink, MAVROS, ROS, Robot Web Tools, NASA Web World Wind. This prize serves also as a recognition of the tremendous importance of these extremely powerful projects, that have been so instrumental in building Skysense Planner.

Company profile

Skysense's business is to enable private companies and government agencies integrating and running fully autonomous UAVs operations without human intervention. Skysense Drone Systems are fully automated and scalable drone installations, enabling remote inspection, surveillance and survey operations without human intervention. Skysense partners with enterprises at the forefront of the security, energy, inspection, aerospace and defense markets.