Infrastructure and System to Automating Drones for the Enterprise

Skysense projects, builds and develops the first autonomous Drone Charging Station, based on proprietary technology, enabling businesses to deploy drones at scale, without human intervention. The Drone Charging Stations and inherent Turn-Key Solutions are the Skysense current value proposition to the enterprises at the forefront of the markets, who need an efficient infrastructure to automating their drones operations.


Charging Pad

Drone Charging Pad

Skysense Charging Pad is a drone charging station designed to recharge fast and efficiently any battery-powered commercial drone nowadays on the market. Skysense Charging Pad is made of one conductive platform and one lightweight contact-kit to retrofit any drone. Learn More...



Skysense Droneports are fully autonomous drone hangars, designed to store and protect drones in harsh environments and remote locations. The Skysense Droneport is made of sturdy steel and composite materials and it is managed via APIs and monitoring dashboard. Learn More...

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