Skysense provides the fastest and most lightweight autonomous charging and battery management solution for commercial drones.

The incorporation of Skysense's charging infrastructure offers unique abilities to maintain a ready-fleet of drones and incorporate truly autonomous missions to meet your business and mission needs.

Our proprietary technology is the fastest drone charging solution on the market, autonomous, compatible with any drone, error tolerant, remotely monitored and managed.

Skysense Charging Infrastructure is safe, reliable and has been designed to support autonomous drone deployment at scale without human intervention.

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Indoor Charging Pad

The world's first drone charging station in 2014 and Skysense’s flagship product. The Skysense Indoor Charging Pad is a mature autonomous drone charging solution for indoor environments. Learn More...

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Outdoor Charging Pad

The most powerful drone charging pad on the market since 2015, specifically designed for outdoor deployments. The Skysense Outdoor Charging Pad obtains its design and robustness from the technology used to power the public railroad transportation network. Learn More...



Skysense Droneports are fully autonomous drone hangars, designed to store and protect drones in harsh environments and remote locations. Made of sturdy steel and composite materials and remotely managed. Learn More...


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