Skysense Outdoor Charging Pad has been designed to fast-charge even the most power demanding drones in outdoor environments. The system can operate in the rain, transfers high currents and the added weight on the drone is less than 50g.

charging pad outdoor 2.jpg


How It Works

The system is made of one charging platform installed on the ground and one drone retrofit-kit. When the drone lands on the platform, one conductive contact installed on the landing gear of the drone physically touch the surface of the charging platform. One conductive bar is then lifted up to reach the conductive antenna installed on top of the drone and thus establishing the electrical connection. As long as the drone lands on the platform, the system always works at its maximum efficiency regardless of position, dimension, and orientation of the drone.

Step 1 - Fix the contact foot on the drone landing gear.

charging pad outdoor - contact foot.jpg

Step 2 - Fix the contact antenna on top of the drone.

Charging Pad Outdoor - Contact Antenna.jpg

Step 3 - Connect Contact-Kit to drone battery *

charging pad outdoor - contact kit.jpg
charging pad outdoor - contact kit.jpg

* If your drone does not rely on a smart battery, the two contact foot and contact antenna cables are connected to an additional balancing circuit.


Electrical Characteristics

Output voltage:

7-50V DC power batteries

Max. continuous current:

10-20A (higher current upon request)

Supply AC voltage:

110-240V AC 50-60 Hz

Mechanical Characteristics


IP55 (IP65 upon request)


Toothed belt drive

Trolley on linear guide:

Without lubrication


Self-lubricating, protected version

Contact antenna material:

Inox steel, PVC support

Contact foot material:

Inox steel, aluminum support

Power bar material:

Graphite/copper rope tinned

Communication Interface

Local connection:

USB port

VPN connection:

RJ45 / Eth

Remote control:


Dimensions And Weight

OBS080 single track:

80 x 100 cm, 27Kg

OBS180 single track:

180 x 190 cm, 68Kg

OBDXXX double track:

Custom, depending on size

Power Bar Maximum Height

OBS080 single track:

50 cm

OBS180 single track:

50 cm

OBDXXX double track: