Introducing Skysense Outdoor Charging Pad

The Outdoor Charging Pad is Skysense's first Drone Charging Station designed for outdoor deployments.

The system derives its design and robustness from the technology used to power the public railroad transportation.

It works in the rain, transfers high currents, and the drone payload weight is less than 50g.


The Charging Platform

Skysense Outdoor Charging Pad consists of one rugged IP55 stainless steel conductive platform and a drone retrofit-kit. The charging platform is installed on the ground and can be activated when the drone lands on its surface regardless of its size, position, and orientation.


The Retrofit-kit

Outdoor Charging Pad is compatible with any drone and the integration process takes 15 minutes. Simply fix the retrofit kit to the landing gear, on top of the drone, and connect it to your battery.


Management Interface

Skysense Outdoor Charging Pad comes with APIs to manage and monitor your drone charging station network remotely in a scalable configuration.


We found Skysense’s Charging Pads easy to setup and use for our Drone Energy Cycling Project. We enjoyed our communication with their team which we hope to continue working with Skysense in future.
— Barzin Moridian, Robotics Research Engineer, NASLab, Michigan Tech


IP55 design and made of stainless steel, the system can recharge batteries even in the rain.


In its standard configuration, Charging Pad Railway can transfer up to 20Ah. More Ah upon request.


Unlike common wireless charging systems, the weight of the retrofit-kit is limited to 50g up to 20Ah.


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Designed in Germany, Assembled in Italy, Shipping Worldwide