Indoor Charging Pad

Skysense Indoor Charging Pad is the one-stop drone charging platform for scalable indoor operations. Compatible with all top drone brands, remotely-managed, and available in three different sizes.

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The Charging Pad

Skysense Charging Pad enables automated remote charging without human intervention. Skysense Charging Pads are based on proprietary, fast, highly efficient and balanced charging technology.

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The Retrofit-kit

Outdoor Charging Pad is compatible with any drone and the integration process takes 15 minutes. Simply fix the retrofit kit to the landing gear of the drone, and connect it to the battery.

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Management Interface

Skysense Charging Pad can be optionally managed and monitored via APIs and Graphical User Interface. Check device status, monitor and manage the charging process.


We like Skysense solution because it is mature, reliable and easy to use. When drones land they get recharged in relatively short time. We are excited to start using the web integration.
— David Trillo Pérez, CEO at AVANSIG


Charging the battery is as easy as landing. Autonomous fast charging without human intervention.


Compatible with all top commercial drone brands. The integration takes less than 10 minutes.


The weight of the contact-kit ranges between 20-150g regardless of the amount of transferred power.


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Designed in Germany, Assembled in Italy, Shipping Worldwide