Charging Pad

Skysense Charging Pads enable automated remote charging and rapid deployments without human intervention. Skysense Charging Pads are based on proprietary, fast, highly efficient and balanced battery charging technology.


Skysense Network Manager

Skysense Network Manager enables scalable remote monitoring and management of all connected charging pads and drones. Click on your device, check its status, plan missions and access the data.


Skysense Planner BVLOS

Skysense Planner BVLOS is a web-based mission planner for MAVLink drones, including safety features as ADS-B aircraft tracking and Geofence management. Schedule and launch drone missions. Implement automated and scalable multi-UAS missions.



Skysense Streaming enables fast sensor data access, including drone telemetry bridge and real-time video streaming. Watch the live stream of the drone camera feed or download the data upon drone landing.