Scalable Drone Installations

Skysense provides scalable and cost-effective, drone solutions for the enterprise.
Skysense Drone Installations automate remote surveillance, inspection and survey operations, removing human intervention, cutting costs and increasing performances. Skysense solutions meet business and use case-specific requirements in the security, defense, agricultural and logistics markets.









Charging Pad

Fully Automated Drone platform

Skysense Installations are fixed, fully automated and remotely operable drone installations, used for surveillance, inspection and surveys. Skysense technology stack includes fully autonomous drones that fly, charge and manage their data, assisted by proprietary Cloud System.


Managed in the cloud

Skysense Cloud System is the monitoring Dashboard to manage all Drone Installations in one place, without affecting your workflow. Skysense Cloud System seamlessly integrates with existing monitoring software, solutions and IoT architectures for maximum flexibility.

The incorporation of Skysense drone charging ports offers unique abilities to maintain a ready-fleet of drones and incorporate truly autonomous missions to meet your business and mission needs.
— Brian Russel, Chief Engineer, Cyber Security Solutions at Leidos


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