Skysense Planner

Skysense Planner is an Open-source Web Mission Planner for MAVLink Drones, including ADS-B aircraft tracking and Geofence management. Implement fully automated and scalable multi-UAS missions. Enable safe remote inspection and oversight of operations without human intervention.

Skysense Planner Web Interface



  • Flight mission management: Create, modify, save and load waypoint-based flight missions for autonomous navigation.

  • Automated takeoff clearance and In-flight controller: A virtual flight controller monitors your flights and, in presence of failures or errors, terminates the flight safely.

  • ADS-B aircraft tracking: Monitor nearby aircrafts to avoid potential collisions.

  • Geofence management: Bound your flights within a controlled area.

Wide range of supported drones.

Wide range of supported drones.


Open Source

Skysense Planner is released with a GNU General Public License v3. Download Skysense Planner from GitHub.

In-Flight controller and notifications.

In-Flight controller and notifications.



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Skysense Planner’s technology stack is based on Open-Source projects:

Skysense Planner’s technology stack is based on Open-Source projects. Please see Architecture page in the Documentation for more details.

Technology partners:

Technology partners

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