Skysense Charging Pad

The Charging Pad is a tessellation of conductive tiles that can be dynamically activated. When the drone lands, two spring-loaded contacts power the on-board LiPo balance charger to charge the batteries.

Step 1. Install spring-loaded contacts on landing gear.

Step 2. Connect LiPo balance charger to drone and battery.

Step 3. Connect the contacts to LiPo balance charger.




Working conditions:

Off-the-grid and on-prem

Remote control:

Dashboard and APIs


Normal and balanced LiPo


USB / Ethernet

Dimension And Weight


462 x 462 x 45 mm, 2Kg


924 x 924 x 45, 8Kg


1386 x 1386 x 45, 18Kg


Input voltage:

AC 100-230V ~50/60Hz or DC 12-24

Output power:

Max 100W


Operating temperature:

-5 to +40 °C


0% to 95% RH (non-condensing)

Drone Integration Kit


LiPo balanced charger

Wiring kit:

Spring loaded contacts and mount


Up to 6A


70-150 gr



80W LiPo balance charger


GPS module (multi-constellation/RTK)


WI-FI, 4G/LTE, Satellite


Weather station


Solar power supply system


Audio, motion, temperature and humidity sensors.


Logitech C920

Aided landing:

Stickers, conductive markers

Soft landing:

Spring-loaded charging pad legs


Droneport in sturdy steel, IP44


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How long does it take to charge a drone?

Skysense Charging Stations are based on proprietary direct contact technology. Induction is not involved. Skysense direct contact technology has virtually no loss, thus, the charging rate depends on your battery specifications. The baseline of the system can transfer up to 6Ah but it can easily reach 10Ah in the outdoor edition. Please check this website for an estimation of the charging time of your battery.

Does it work in the rain?

Skysense Charging Pad Outdoor can operate in the rain. Skysense Charging Pad Indoor shouldn't come in contact with water.

Which battery type do you support?

The system supports 1-6S LiPo batteries including smart batteries.

What drone brands are supported?

Skysense systems are compatible with most of the commercial drone brands nowadays on the market including DJI, 3DR, Parrot, Sensefly, Ascending Technologies, Inova Drone, Aerialtronics and more.

What drone would you recommend to be used with your platform?

The choice of the drone highly depends on the application scenario. For this reason we cannot recommend any specific drone.

How does the drone land precisely on the platform?

Precision landing systems are provided by some drone manufacturers or they can be integrated within your drone. Please check what is the accuracy of your precision landing. We recommend maintaining 20-30 cm distance between the landing gear of the drone and the sides of the landing area.

How do I know what is the status of the battery?

Customers can access Skysense GEIST to monitor the battery status.

What is the weight of the drone kit?

The weight of the drone kit to be installed onboard, ranges between 10 and 150g depending on the configuration.

How can I communicate with the Skysense Charging Platform?

Users can manage and monitor Skysense products through the Skysense GEIST web-application. Developers can communicate with the Skysense products via APIs.

Which connectivity technology do you support?

We recommend using the Ethernet cable.